Posted December 11, 2013

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles appears on regional cover of Sports Illustrated

NFC East, Philadelphia Eagles
Nick Foles and the Eagles weathered the snow Sunday, defeating the Lions 34-20 to move to 8-5.

Nick Foles and the Eagles weathered the snow Sunday, defeating the Lions 34-20 to move to 8-5. (Al Tielemans/SI)

From backup quarterback to Sports Illustrated cover boy. It’s been quite a journey for the Eagles’ Nick Foles this season.

Senior writer Michael Bamberger details Foles’ path to stardom, noting how quick Philadelphia has been to embrace the second-year QB.

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“This whole season could easily have gone another way, and the city’s mood with it. More than the cracked bell, the Phillies, Rocky and all the rest, the football team is the thing that binds Philadelphia,” Bamberger writes. “This latest potential franchise quarterback, with his blond hair and XXL hands and earnest manner, is doing more for the city than he could possibly know.”

Foles began the season behind Michael Vick, a man who many thought would revitalize his career under first-year coach Chip Kelly. But Vick has taken his benching in stride, acting as Foles’ biggest supporter.

“Foles and Vick share basketball [Vick can dunk from a standing position], but in other ways — in background, height, style, manner — the two are about as different as two NFL quarterbacks can be,” Bamberger writes. “None of that has mattered. They’ve been on the same page all year long. They’ve huddled during games, compared notes at team meetings, talked at length in the locker room. It’s been remarkable.”

A third-round pick in 2012, Foles has gone 135-of-218 for 1,970 yards with 20 touchdowns and just one interception this season. The Eagles sit first in the NFC East at 8-5 and face the Vikings in Week 15.


A man  has got to know his limitations.

NFL graveyard is full of flash in the pans.   Artie Schlicter.  how much promise?   Blair Kiel?   

Nick is grounded.   Football is back in Philly.   Some still miss the fat guy, but the playoffs ON HOUSE money!!  


System guy! The NFL will adjust to Chip's offense this off-season the same way it happened to the skins and 9ers. If anything McCoy should be on the cover, he is the best player on that team and it's not even close.


Insert SI cover jinx nonsense above ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.  Haters.


Oh, and I love McCoy, but you really don't get what's going on in Philly.

You do realize when Foles first started, McCoy had two back to back terrible games?  Really three pretty bad weeks.  Know why?  Because the defenses were not playing Foles.  They figured they would stack the box on McCoy and make Foles beat them if they could.  They thought he wasn't any good and they were out to prove it.

Turned out to be a bad idea.  

So then, defenses said "Well damn, we need to respect the pass because this kid can go deep on you."  Now they start playing more honest and McCoy starts getting his 100 yard games going again (or 200 :P).  Then you throw in the read option, which Foles will not break for 50 yards but does frequently pick up 5+ yards on, and defenses are really struggling.

If Foles could not beat a defense and make them pay deep Shady would never have even been on your radar at this point in the season.  He can be stopped just like any other human being, just not as easily as most...but when there's 8 in the box he's going no where most of the time.


I am going to go ahead and assume two things:

One, you are not an Eagles fan.

Two, you have not actually watched any Eagles games.

It is funny how the "product of the system" argument is so easily refuted by the fact that this offense has been run the same since with Vick.  During that time, Mike Vick could never find the open receiver and accepted reasoning was that those around him were not good enough.  Mike Vick could not score in the redzone and again the argument was that receivers could not get separation (even though he has two quality TE's in Ertz and Celek).

Now Foles comes in and suddenly every receiver is open.  Chip Kelly himself, the man you are touting, said in one of his press conferences (which I watch every week) that receivers WERE open when Vick was QB he just did not see them.

I like Chip Kelly.  He is doing a great job.  But make no mistake, this is a situation where two people are coming together who fit.  It's a situation where the entire rest of the team believes and is playing at their highest levels.  If you brought any other QB into Philly right now it wouldn't work near as well.

Foles ability to anticipate his receivers routes so quickly, while anticipating and processing a defense, are nothing short of spectacular.  He makes mistakes like any QB, but anyone who has watched and rewatched games will tell you when he is on he is ON.  I don't even think the game slows down for him, I think it pauses.