Posted December 10, 2013

Alshon Jeffery scores 100th touchdown of wild, record-setting Week 14 (GIF)

NFC East, NFC North
Alshon Jeffery finished the game with five catches for 84 yards and a touchdown.

Alshon Jeffery finished the game with five catches for 84 yards and a touchdown. (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

The NFL has never seen a set of games quite like what was on display last week. Despite brutal, wintry conditions at a number of sites, teams hung 90 touchdowns on the board Sunday, breaking the league’s single-day mark of 87 set in Week 17 last season.

Add in the five TDs scored in Jacksonville’s win over Houston on Thursday, and the Bears and Cowboys needed to combine for just five more touchdowns to get to the century mark. And even though Monday night’s game kicked off in a wind chill of minus-five degrees, those two squads lit up the scoreboard for 38 points before halftime.

The fifth TD of the game came — and 100th of Week 14 — came in spectacular fashion, courtesy of Alshon Jeffery. With just 17 seconds left in the first half, Jeffery went up in the corner of the end zone and snagged a desperation heave from QB Josh McCown, despite tight coverage from a pair of Cowboys defenders.

Jeffery also managed to get two feet inbounds and control the ball all the way through his fall to the frozen turf.

The historic moment is brought to you courtesy of BuzzFeed Sports.


It was a nice catch, but I wouldn't call it "amazing" or "spectacular"


You can't see it on this video, but did anyone see the push-off on the defender, basically rendering him helpless to defend the pass.


Not surprising considering Roger Goodell has made it illegal for any defender to touch a ballcarrier or receiver.  ZOMG, they might get hurt!!!