Posted November 11, 2013

Broncos ask league to review Corey Liuget’s ‘questionable’ hit on Peyton Manning

AFC West, Denver Broncos, San Diego Chargers
Peyton Manning finished out the Broncos' win over the Chargers, despite his late injury. (Gregory Bull, AP)

Peyton Manning finished out the Broncos’ win over the Chargers, despite his late injury. (Gregory Bull, AP)

The Broncos have asked the league to review Corey Liuget’s hit on Peyton Manning from late in Sunday’s game, which left Manning hobbling and in need of an MRI on his ankle.

Manning had just let go of a pass to Demaryius Thomas when Liuget tackled him. Manning stayed down on the ground for a moment, forcing the Broncos to use a timeout so he could stay in the game. Once he made it to his feet, Manning made his way over to referee Tony Corrente to argue that Liuget should have received a penalty.

Interim Denver head coach Jack Del Rio said Monday that the Broncos had sent the play to the NFL.

“We’ll let the league determine,” Del Rio said. “We thought it was questionable and they’ll provide their answer.”

A closer look (see below) at the moment that Liuget made contact with Manning may lend credence to the Broncos’ argument. But it also appeared that center Manny Ramirez may have knocked Liuget off his feet, sending him in lower on Manning than he may have intended.

Fortunately for Manning, he had turned his body on the throw’s follow-through, perhaps minimizing the direct impact that Liuget had on his legs.

Manning’s MRI did not show any major issues, and he is expected to play in the Broncos’ Week 11 Sunday night showdown with AFC West-leading Kansas City. He had been dealing with a pair of sore ankles heading into Denver’s matchup with San Diego.


Wow, unbelievable.  The NFL should just quit playing around and do what they want to do and make it illegal to tackle Manning or Brady.  I'm so sick of it.  I know it's not the NFL doing this, it's Denver, but we all know that there's been the Brady Rule and most of the rules against tackles on QB's stems from hits to Brady/Manning.  Big freaking babies.  Plus being a Chiefs fan I hate everything Donkey's anyway but my feelings on this was before Peyton went there.


So it's not legal to even tackle the quarterback any more? All the tackler did was wrap up at the ankles, like we were all taught back in Pop Warner leagues. Maybe we really do need to put dresses on the quarterbacks.