Posted October 06, 2013

Peyton Manning proves human, throws first interception of season, Broncos win anyway

Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos
As it turns out, Peyton Manning is human after all.

As it turns out, Peyton Manning is human after all. (Aaron Ontiveroz/Getty Images)

We were starting to wonder if it was ever going to happen, but it finally did.

With nine seconds left in the third quarter of the game between the Denver Broncos and Dallas Cowboys, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning threw a deep pass to his left in the general direction of Eric Decker, and the throw was intercepted by Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne.

It was Manning’s first pick of the season, and it came after he had thrown for 20 touchdowns and rushed for his first touchdown since 2008. (GIF below via SBNation.)

The pick to the oft-maligned Claiborne snapped Manning’s streak of consecutive passes without an interception, which means that he doesn’t even hold the Broncos’ team record. And if you guessed that the record was held by John Elway, you would be wrong — Jake Plummer (yes, Jake Plummer!) threw 229 straight passes without a pick in 2005. Tom Brady, Manning’s longtime arch nemesis, has the NFL record with 358 straight pick-less throws in a run that spanned the 2010 and ’11 seasons.

And while that was happening, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was setting a new Cowboys franchise record with over 500 passing yards, and throwing a late interception to facilitate a 51-48 win for the Broncos.


put peyton on the old pittsburgh team with mean joe green and they would have won 4 or 6 superbowls IN A ROW.  20 TDs after 5 games, 1800 yards???? we judge QBs by superbowl rings but we should judge them like any player in baseball----what they do.  Ted Williams would not be considered the greatest hitter ever if you had to win world series.  Can you imagine if the D in Denver was like the Pitt D??? he would get the ball twice as much???? Denver has to get their D in order, in order to win this year.


Good thing Manning had Romo to take the heat off him since  #18 almost cost the Broncos the game with his ill-advised, weak-armed throw.  He needs to learn to take care of the ball.   Ditto for Tom Brady and the 4th quarter INT he threw versus Bengals to cost the Patriots the game.  Who keeps these guys around when they make such crucial mistakes?


@RobertSmith Manning did however show show real promise as a running back as he "scampered" ..into the endzone over a 2 minute period.....