Posted October 04, 2013

Buffalo Bills quarterback EJ Manuel out ‘a few weeks’ with sprained LCL

AFC East, Buffalo Bills
EJ Manuel left Thursday's game after receiving this hit from Tashaun Gipson.

EJ Manuel left Thursday’s game after this hit from Tashaun Gipson. Manuel sprained his LCL. (David Richard/AP)

The news could have been better and it also could have been much, much worse for Bills rookie quarterback EJ Manuel after he left Thursday night’s game with a knee injury. Buffalo coach Doug Marrone announced Friday that Manuel had sprained his LCL, an injury that will keep Manuel out of the lineup for “a few weeks.”

The silver lining for Manuel is that he will avoid surgery, meaning he should be back on the field at some point in 2013.

Manuel injured his right knee in the Bills’ loss to the Browns when he took a hit from safety Tashaun Gipson. Rather than step out of bounds on a scramble, Manuel tried to pick up a few extra yards, only to be dropped by Gipson. Gipson’s helmet appeared to hit Manuel’s knee, and the QB’s leg whipped around in a manner similar to how Robert Griffin III’s did on a hit from Haloti Ngata last season. Griffin also suffered an LCL sprain.

“It’s difficult to coach the competitiveness out of a player,” Marrone said of Manuel’s decision to stay inbounds. “None of us here want someone who’s not competitive.”

Jeff Tuel replaced Manuel on Thursday night, only to struggle terribly down the stretch. He finished 8-of-20 passing for 80 yards and a critical pick-six in the waning minutes. The undrafted rookie is currently the lone QB on the Bills’ active roster. Veteran Thaddeus Lewis was signed to the practice squad before the regular season began.

Marrone said the team will look outside the organization for a quarterback prior to their Week 6 game with Cincinnati. The recently released Josh Freeman may be the biggest name available, though others like Vince Young, Matt Leinart, David Carr and Trent Edwards have starting experience. The Bills will likely want their new QB to at least be capable of competing with Tuel for the starting job.


I was surprised to see some comments saying that Manuel was taken down by a "cheap shot" because he was hit while he was "giving himself up"  on the play.

I didn't remember that at all, so I decided to check and review  the play several times (I've got a NFL Game Pass so I can do that easily).

I j've just done that and I can tell that EJ Manuel, wasn't IN THE LEAST "giving himself up" on the play ! 

He was running parallel to the line, getting more yards with each step ! 

The tackle was ABSOLUTELY NOT a "cheap shot".

I don't know if someone has put it on youTube or some other site, but if you  get the chance to watch the play again you will clearly see it :

Manuel keeps on running, getting more yardage until he is tackled. 

At the very last instant he lowers himself, but it is to brace for impact and try to resist the tackle. At this point the the play,  it is  FAR TOO LATE to even think of  "giving himself up". 

And he didn't even try to get out of bounds either, something that he didn't have time to do either when he realized he was about to get hit. 

He seems to me he had a bad case of tunnel vision here: all he saw was free ground before him, he appears quite unaware of the guy rushing at him full speed until it is far too late to do anything useful about it.

Again NO CHEAP SHOT THERE. by any stretch of imagination.


Two issues with that play, one The player was trying to knock him E.J. out / hurt him hence the cheap shot close to the knees , and the defender gloating about it proves my point and two E.J. needs to worry about self preservation guys will take cheap shots, he had the first down, why extend it for a few yards to invite contact. This is why athleticism hurts some young QB's, 

if that was Brady or Manning they would not have been hurt on that play, no way they would have avoided the sack or the best case scenario an incomplete pass, E.J's athletic ability did not hurt him on but his greediness for a few extra yards, tough to think otherwise / its like trying to tell Tebow don't suck, very hard thing for Timothy not to do.... hopefully this near miss will make E.J. more conscious. I hope the Bills do not go after Freeman , there is no point, Freeman still believes he is a full time starter in this league.


don't make excuses for his lack of football intelligence. he had a cheapshot coming after that debacle he caused at the end of the ravens game with his kneel/no kneel shenanigans to try and kill a few more seconds. agreed with others regarding his lack of intelligence.


@friendly--neighborhood--scrawler   It wasn't his athletic ability, it was his lack of intelligence.  Is gaining 2 or 3 extra yards worth missing several weeks?  Or the rest of the season?

With or without athletic ability, one must be SMART enough to realize that winning a particular battle does NOT mean you'll win the war.

The overwhelming majority of players know their QB's are tough but they'd much rather have them slide, run out of bounds, concede a few extra yards to keep them in the game.

I mean an ATHLETIC QB is still able to get further down field for more yards that Brady or Peyton but just because they are athletic doesn't mean they can't run out of bounds or slide instead of taking the hit.

It was decision making (lack of making the proper decision) that got him injured, not being athletic.  

Why didn't he just run out of bounds?  A QB who isn't athletic might have been sacked or a smart QB who wasn't athletic would have thrown it away to avoid the sack.

The athletic QB was fast enough to get away and get positive yards and a SMART athletic QB would have gone out of bounds or slid.  The dumb ones take a hit they don't have to.

I mean all players take hits but the smart ones avoid the ones they can.


@tonybot3 @friendly--neighborhood--scrawler he was on his way out of bounds, defender did not need to do what he did.  if E.J. was in the middle of the field i would agree with you, but not when he was clearly going out of bounds and giving up on the play.  it was a cheap shot and unfortunately caused an injury.