Posted September 03, 2013

Broncos, 49ers are Super Bowl favorites, according to sportsbook Bovada

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Oddsmakers believe Colin Kaepernick can bring the 49ers to the Super Bowl for a second straight year.

Oddsmakers believe Colin Kaepernick can bring the 49ers to the Super Bowl for a second straight year. (Ben Margot/AP)

If the oddsmakers are correct, Super Bowl XLVIII will pit the San Francisco 49ers against the Denver Broncos.

Online sportsbook Bovada pegs the 49ers and Broncos with the best odds to take home the Vince Lombardi trophy this season, at 6/1. Seattle (17/2), New England (10/1), Atlanta and Green Bay (12/1) are next on the list. Last year’s Super Bowl champs, the Ravens, sit at 28/1, the same as AFC North foe Pittsburgh and just off Cincinnati’s 25/1 offering.

The site actually lists San Francisco and Seattle with the same odds, 11/10, to take home the NFC West, though the 49ers are slight favorites over their division rival for the conference championship — San Francisco’s line there was set at 4/1; Seattle at 5/1.

The team with the least hope of winning the Super Bowl in 2013, per Bovada? Jacksonville, at 300/1. That’s slightly behind Oakland, which opened at 250/1.

Here’s the full list of Bovada’s Super Bowl XLVIII odds:

• Denver: 6/1
• San Francisco: 6/1
• Seattle: 17/2
• New England: 10/1
• Atlanta: 12/1
• Green Bay: 12/1
• Houston: 16/1
• New Orleans: 18/1
• Chicago: 25/1
• Cincinnati: 25/1
• Dallas: 25/1
• New York Giants: 25/1
• Baltimore: 28/1
• Pittsburgh: 28/1
• Washington: 33/1
• Detroit: 40/1
• Indianapolis: 40/1
• Miami: 40/1
• Minnesota: 40/1
• St. Louis: 40/1
• Kansas City: 50/1
• Philadelphia: 50/1
• San Diego: 50/1
• Tampa Bay: 50/1
• Carolina: 66/1
• Arizona: 125/1
• New York Jets: 125/1
• Buffalo: 150/1
• Cleveland: 150/1
• Tennessee: 150/1
• Oakland: 250/1
• Jacksonville: 300/1

One more point of interest: Bovada sets Rex Ryan as the coach most likely to be fired first during the 2013 season, at 3/2 odds. Oakland’s Dennis Allen (3/1), Tennessee’s Mike Munchak (5/1), Carolina’s Ron Rivera (11/2), Dallas’ Jason Garrett (15/2) and Detroit’s Jim Schwartz (12/1) round out that list.


I think the Niners are a good bet to make it there. Not real high on Broncos though, they tend to plow through soft schedule and then fold up when facing a tough team in the playoffs. But hard to not pick the Broncos considering how below average the AFC is. The NFC is the SEC to the AFC's Mountain West.


Neither the niners nor the Broncos will make it to the Super Bowl.


I wouldn't even take Dallas to win a playoff game at 25/1 let alone the big dance.


@SethElDuderinoFischer But Dallas fans are delusional and think they are the greatest team ever, they will bet tons of money on them. Which is why the bookmakers bait the hook.

JVP3122 The odds will likely change every week.  Hell, the odds may change by the end of the day.  Isn't that the nature of a line?  If the money is coming in heavy on NE at 10/1 would we not expect the line to move closer to 19/2 or 9/1?  I thought that's how sportsbooks worked, Offshore Insider.