Posted August 25, 2013

Arizona Cardinals’ Drew Stanton trips trying to evade the rush, goes down hard

Arizona Cardinals, NFC West, NFL Preseason
Drew Stanton appeared the be the Cardinals' starter before bringing in Carson Palmer (Jonathan Daniel/Getty) Images

Drew Stanton appeared the be the Cardinals’ starter before bringing in Carson Palmer (Jonathan Daniel/Getty) Images

At times, Drew Stanton has looked like a competent quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, even carving up the Packers’ defense in the first preseason game.

Saturday night though, on one play in particular, ‘competent’ is the last word that comes to mind. A closing linebacker came off the left side, and Stanton improvised. At first, things seem to be going fine, as he pivots away from the rush. San Diego’s Thomas Keiser isn’t fooled, so Stanton attempts to backtrack and here’s where things go wrong poorly hilariously.


If you’ll excuse the Chris Berman quote, “Stanton — back, back, back, back,  back, back…gone.”

After trying to escape an untouched Chargers’ rusher, Stanton wound up with a 22-yard loss after the former Detroit Lion lost a fight with gravity.

Amazingly, this isn’t even the most derp-worthy moment by a quarterback of the night. Drew Stanton: thank your lucky stars tonight for Geno Smith’s epic face-palm. 


Peter Bukowski is a clown. From overhyping Geno Smiths safety, where half his foot hit the white line, WHILE THROWING THE BALL AWAY, and comparing it to Orlovsky, who CLEARLY RUNS 8-9 STEPS on the whole out of bounds line, before throwing the ball away, to making a post about a QB tripping, I'm wondering if Bukowski has ever watched or played football, seriously. I have no idea what this guy is doing to earn a check, this is straight garbage, a qb tripped, wow.


this clip sums up cards' season this year. it's over. the team sucks BAD.


Stuff like this happens. Especially to QBs who are often not very coordinated. But you should post a GIF of what the Cardinals' defense did just before halftime. 

If it wasn't for the injury Mark Sanchez suffered, he'd be having a good night knowing that there were some plays that could challenge his "butt-fumble" for worst of the worst plays.