Posted June 17, 2013

Off the Snap: Johnny Manziel wants out, Donald Driver wants in

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Johnny Manziel threw for 3,706 yards and ran for another 1,410 last season. (Patric Schneider/AP)

Johnny Manziel threw for 3,706 yards and ran for another 1,410 last season. (Patric Schneider/AP)

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• The quarterback class for the 2014 NFL draft already looks like a potentially loaded one — and that’s without taking into account Texas A&M Heisman winner Johnny Manziel, who will be eligible to make the NFL jump after this coming season. So, will he? Manziel certainly added to speculation that this is his final college season over the weekend, tweeting out: “(stuff) like tonight is why I can’t wait to leave college station… whenever it may be.”

Manziel’s definitely enjoyed his off-field time since a breakthrough redshirt freshman season, and it’s increasingly difficult for NCAA athletes to socialize and steer clear of breaking any rules. Manziel’s NFL future will be a highly-debated topic among scouts and pundits in the coming months; even more so if Manziel makes it clear that he’s headed to the pros following the 2013 season.

• Unrestricted free agent Donald Driver says that he’s heard from several teams this offseason. But, if he opts to come back for a 15th NFL year, it would be with the team he’s spent the previous 14 seasons playing for: Green Bay. Driver told Fox Sports Wisconsin that “if I get that itch, it would only be for the green and gold.”

The Packers may wind up with a need at their fourth or fifth WR spot, but Driver is coming off a season in which he made just one start and caught eight balls.

• Splitting up the NFL news and notes with a little Xs and Os here. Ben Muth from Football Outsiders estimates in his Word of Muth column that he’s spent “30,000 words” explaining zone-stretch plays for his readers. His latest entry is a cool one — Muth adds some extra analysis and commentary to a video of longtime NFL coach (and current Broncos O-line consultant) Alex Gibbs breaking down the zone stretch.

• Will Arian Foster be ready for training camp after straining his calf in May? “Yeah, more than likely,” Foster told We probably can chalk that up as good news for the Texans, but any possibility that Foster will still be hobbled come late July is a bit worrisome. That’s especially true when you consider that Foster has had some off-and-on injury worries during his career.

• The Seahawks wasted no time scooping up QB Tarvaris Jackson after the Bills cut him last week. And now, it appears that Jackson has the inside edge on Brady Quinn for Seattle’s backup job behind Russell Wilson. At least, that’s what the Seattle Times‘ Bob Condotta believes — he wrote that Jackson “will be considered the favorite” to beat out Quinn. Given Jackson’s edge in athleticism on Quinn and his background with Seattle, that news comes as no real surprise.


No one in Seattle worries about it anymore than the fans in NE, GB, SF do. Every team is one hit away from pinning their super bowl hopes on a 2nd string nobody. Who has a good 2nd string QB, nobody or else that guy would be starting elsewhere. Some teams have over hyped guys, but in the NFL if you can play QB, you are starting somewhere.  I also doubt Seattle leads the list of who will struggle with-out their starting QB. Seattle and SF are both strong defensive teams and can survive with subpar QB play. It's the offensive minded teams like GB and NE who would be a hit away from a real disaster.


While I agree 100% that Tavaris would be a better #2 than B.Q.  (who wouldn't?)  it must give Seahawk fans nightmares to think that their club is one big hit on Russell Wilson away from pinning their Super Bowl aspirations on T-Jack.  Ironic, don'tcha think?