Posted November 25, 2012

Seahawks-Dolphins delayed when sprinklers turn on

Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks

After a brief delay, the Dolphins and Seahawks resumed play. (Marc Serota/Getty Images)

It’s bad enough that the Dolphins are playing in front of a mostly-empty stadium Sunday. But Miami’s dismal home situation turned downright laughable in the third quarter, when its game against Seattle underwent a brief delay because the Sun Life Stadium sprinkler started running.

Seriously. [si_launchNFLPopup video='f30f7232d46b426cbe9ed2fdfeeda710']Watch the video here[/si_launchNFLPopup].

Some more visual evidence of the unexpected field maintenance:

Both teams briefly retreated to their respective sidelines while the situation was resolved, a process took a couple of minutes. Seattle led 14-7 at the time of the sudden, uh, “rain delay,” and wound up losing 24-21.


So - Seattle fans are blaming the loss on the sprinkler system now.  Let us forget that the Dolphins were driving the ball well at the time it happened, and then afterwards ended the series on two straight incompletions.  If anything, it hurt the Dolphins drive, seeing the Sea Chickens Defense got a chance to regroup.


Face it, Seattle is mediocre on the road.  Definitely a different team away from the Northwest.