Posted November 18, 2012

Bart Scott attempts to lead teammates in media boycott after Jets win

New York Jets

From the “We can only imagine what would have happened if the Jets lost” file …

After his team completed an impressive 27-13 victory in St. Louis, Jets linebacker Bart Scott — peeved by a New York Daily News report earlier in the week that cited anonymous Jets players ripping Tim Tebow — tried to organize a media boycott in the postgame locker room.

From the New York Post‘s Bart Hubbach:

According to Hubbach, Scott was “blaming everyone in the media for the Daily News” story. In that report one unnamed member of the Jets’ defense was quoted as saying that Tebow “is terrible,” while a second player added that “we don’t look at him as a quarterback.” Last January, the Daily News also ran a story with several members of the organization bashing Mark Sanchez anonymously. That report coincided with Peyton Manning’s anticipated arrival on the free agent market.

Hubbach tweeted that Yeremiah Bell was not participating in Scott’s attempted boycott:

Making the situation in the Jets’ locker room even harder to believe, Scott eventually caved and began answering questions as he normally would following a game.

This is far from the first in-house incident that has occurred during Rex Ryan’s tenure as the Jets’ head coach — in addition to the Daily News reports, the Jets endured multiple fights during training camp, despite Ryan calling for better discipline among his players.

Scott’s outburst came after one of the Jets’ best wins of the season, a victory that kept the team’s dwindling playoff hopes alive. New York is now 4-6 and returns home to take on the Patriots on Thanksgiving.

Who knows what might happen with the Jets between now and then. One thing’s for sure: This team, regardless of its record and performance, never ceases to be entertaining.


I really hate sports media...  It's turning into gossip...  I'm sorry when grown men talk mostly about their feelings on twitter and call it journalism...  That's when we know the bar can't drop any lower...  All these guys...  Just awful and the fact that a journalist was so upset at the notion a Jets player might not want his idiot team saying any more stuff for cheap headlines is also awful...  Give me boring touchdowns and injuries and not reality tv....  Know your place and know you wouldn't have a job without those athletes....  You need them, not the other way around...  I really hate this era in sports for the sensationalist writing and the overreactions blended with just stupid, STUPID gossip.  Calling any of the writers having to do with this story journalists is an insult to anyone else who writes real news....  Right down to the kids who write for their high school newsletter...  To think these guys went to 4 years of college to give us a story that I would most relate to a couple of 8th grade girls snickering at a lunch table...  Truly shameful  I dont know if I can even call these guys adults acting the way they are. What a joke... 


The owner is an idiot and it just gets worse from there on down.

M as in Mancy
M as in Mancy

Bart Scott needs to boycott his own loudmouth and start performing on the field. I "CAN'T WAIT" to see that happen.