Posted November 11, 2012

Trindon Holliday punt return touchdown ends with possible fumble

Denver Broncos

Did Trindon Holliday fumble before crossing the line? You make the call. (Reuters)

Trindon Holliday gave the Broncos a 14-7 lead in Carolina Sunday with a 76-yard punt return TD — his second special-teams TD in as many games. Did he get away with a DeSean Jackson-esque mistake at the goal line this time, though?

Jackson, you may recall, made a similar mistake in a game against Dallas during his rookie season. He caught a long pass from Donovan McNabb behind Dallas’ defense but flipped the ball out of his hand just prior to crossing the goal line. That play was reviewed and overturned — Philadelphia was awarded the ball at the 1, but the touchdown was taken off the board.

Holliday appeared to toss the football in celebration just a split-second before crossing the goal line, which would have resulted in a fumble.

You can check out video of the play here on, but take a glance at the shots below and see what you think:

Holliday’s TD stood, despite the NFL’s new rule requiring every scoring play to be reviewed.

Holliday did come very close to stepping out of bounds during his return, which may have garnered the replay booth’s attention during the second look. However, it looks like Holliday may have gotten away with one before scoring.


Where's the indignation of the sheep who were hysterically screaming jjust a few weeks ago that the blown calls by the replacement refs were compromising the "integrity" of the game? Bad calls have occurred EVERY week of EVERY NFL season since the league's inception--the only difference between the bad calls made by the replacement refs and those made by the "regular" refs is that the so-called regular refs have much more exerience and are much-better compensated than their replacement counterparts--you would think the average fan would hold them even more accountable than the replacement refs. Apparently, while the gullible masses were being manipulated by the media into threatening boycotts and demanding more pay and higher benefits for the poor, down-trodden NFL refs, they forgot that the more-experienced refs are often just as fallible and sometimes more prone to make lousy calls than the less experienced "replacement" variety.


 @pljaye Exactly. Well said. The best part was Ed Hochuli being hailed as the guy who kept the regular refs ready to return!  Old Ed hasn't been assigned a single game in San Diego since the Debacle in Denver some years back.  Chargers fans would rip him limb from muscled limb.