Posted November 04, 2012

Tony Corrente swears through mic during Dolphins-Colts game

Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins

Referee Tony Corrente may be hearing from the league this week after he forgot to shut off his microphone and let an expletive fly.

Corrente and his crew were (somewhat heatedly) discussing a call during the fourth quarter of Indianapolis’ win over Miami when Corrente yelled “Godd***it”. The unfortunate moment not only was blasted through the stadium, but it was picked up by CBS’ broadcast. Announcer Kevin Harlan immediately apologized for the R-rated moment.

[si_launchNFLPopup video='ad3d88fbda6442c09feaaf145d326f8d']Here’s the video of the incident[/si_launchNFLPopup] (Warning: NSFW language).

Current FOX analyst and former NFL VP of officiating Mike Pereira offered this comment via Twitter:

Puppy 1 Like

as  a  Lions  fan  I  hate  you..the  link  is  of  the  idiot  who's  name  shall  not  pass  my  lips  and  not  what  you  said...when  has  goddammit  become  swearing? Getting  all  puritan  on  us


agree 100% Puppy.  this is utter nonsense.  what's next, "holy cow", "Jesus"?


 @mike22simms Ummm, I can only speak on behalf of one group but, actually there are many who may take exception with "jesus" too.  This stems from the same issue as Corrente's use of "God" and relates back to taking the Lord's name in vain ... one of the 10 commandments.  I just point out that some people would probably cringe when hearing this in broadcast conversation.  Personally, i respect your freedom to say this all you want, but I am not comfortable with hearing it blasted into the stadium where I sit as a fan of the game.  Since I have played high school, university and rec league sports, I wouldn't be shocked by it though :)