Posted October 21, 2012

Chargers reportedly under investigation for use of Stickum-like substance

San Diego Chargers

Norv Turner’s Chargers are 3-3 after losing their last two, and questions about Turner’s job security are starting to intensify. (Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

The Chargers blew a 24-0 lead last week in losing at home to the Broncos, 35-24. And now it looks like that outcome might be the least of San Diego’s problems.

FOX’s Jay Glazer reported Sunday that the NFL is investigating the Chargers after the team was caught using a substance that was similar to Stickum — an adhesive that players used to use on their hands to help them catch the football.

According to Glazer, a line judge in that Chargers-Broncos game confiscated a towel that one of San Diego’s equipment managers was passing around to players during timeouts. The towel allegedly was covered in the Stickum-like substance.

There’s no telling what sort of punishment that the Chargers will face for this transgression — the fact that they lost the game probably won’t hurt their cause. At the very least, San Diego has to expect to be hit with some sort of fine, though stricter penalties like the loss of draft picks or player suspensions could result from the investigation.

The NFL banned Stickum in 1981, though some players admitted to using it after that cutoff date.

Philip Rivers completed 25 of his 41 passes in the Chargers’ Monday night loss to Denver, while also throwing four interceptions. San Diego had three drops in the game, according to Pro Football Focus, matching the team’s high total for the season.


Musta gotten on their shoes in the second half against Denver!


They should forfeit any games won this season.  Fines don't mean anything.


 @Marvin Seriously?  Forfeit games over a half-"behind"ed attempt at cheating that didn't even work?  I suppose the Saints defense and Gregg Williams, and Belichick and his coaching staff, should have been publicly executed for their crimes?