Posted September 25, 2012

Golden Tate touchdown the biggest replacement ref gaffe yet: Twitter reacts


Replacement referees have made their mark, for the worse, often in this young season. But through almost three full weeks, none of those gaffes had a direct, absolute impact on the winner.

Until Monday night.

Golden Tate’s controversial last-second, game-winning touchdown catch against the Packers will echo for the entire season, including on how the playoff seedings fall. In the immediate aftermath, the football world unleashed a hailstorm of criticism on the referees and the league. A sampling of tweets is below.

First, the SI NFL team weighs in.

Packers players quickly took to Twitter to voice their opinions. In addition to the tweets below, players like T.J. Lang and Josh Sitton launched expletive-filled rants.

Other reactions from around Twitter:


Oh, quit whining everyone.


The Seahawks had the lead at 7-6.  Then each team scored a TD by taking advantage of multiple blown calls.  Seattle had the lead before trading touchdowns, and had the lead after.  Bottom Line:  THE RIGHT TEAM WON THE GAME.  Nothing else matters re: the final score.


Two other points:  1-Jennings:  Knock the ball down.  2-Pass interference by tradition is NEVER called on a Hail Mary; accidentally or not the refs actually got that call right.


Hey Players! How about going on strike over unsafe working conditions because the refs can't control the game? I betcha the lockout would be fixed in a millisecond if that seemed like a serious possibility.


The next time Goodell talks about "the integrity of the game".........WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!